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We at Comprehensive Computer Services find our specialty in
developing and creating network systems for small businesses as
well as administrating existing networks and peripherals.

Networking has become very popular with the introduction of high speed Internet services and wireless technology. The average home has become as involved as your typical small business. Please call on us to assist you with the setup or troubleshooting of your wireless or ethernet network.  Networking provides not only the ability to share your high speed Internet with all the computers in your home or business, but also allows the sharing of files and printers.

The inherent security problems with Microsoft Windows allows for the occasional infiltration of spyware and Trojan horse viruses in spite of having up to date virus software.  We have developed many tools and techniques to remove these infestations.

We hope to serve you with the newest products and equipment, the most updated training, and impressive response time. Our work is of the finest quality and of an undemanding expense to you. Our work is also guaranteed with in home warranties at no extra cost. Tom Miller and Joyce Morgan are always available and most eager to meet you.

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